Down The Shore Beauty Specialty Body Products

Wonderful products that allow you to enjoy a shore experience, wherever you are, and at any time of year.

Luxury Body Mist
    ***Feels soft and dries instantly on skin
    ***Light fragrance that can be worn on skin, clothes and even sprayed into your hair
    ***Can be sprayed on linens for added freshness
    ***Come in four ounce pump spray bottles

Fragrance to Go Roll On Oil
    ***Carrier oils are good for your skin Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil
    ***Perfect for purse, backpack, lockers, in your glove box of the car, desk drawer at work
    ***Holds scent well so it lingers 
    ***Glass 10ml roll on bottles

Silkening Lotion
    ***Soft, non-greasy lotion allows a hit of fragrance every time you reapply
    ***Contains sunflower and allantoin, both oils are known for gentle moisturizing properties
    ***Useful for hand and body moisturizing
    ***Come in four ounce bottles with push top closure

Cologne Concentrate Slim Spray
    ***Beautiful frosted slim pump spray containers
    ***Concentrated fragrance mist

Sanding Sugars Scrub
    ***Exfoliating properties are perfect for feet, elbows, hands, knees
    ***Brown sugar and olive oil formulation allow both exfoliating and moisturizing simultaneously
    ***Prepares skin for moisturizer
    ***Prevents callous and flaky skin build up
    ***Generous 8 oz. tub

Cool By The Pool Aloe and Jojoba Gel
    ***Aloe vera gel base for non-sticky moisture
    ***Jojoba beads
    ***Peppermint essential oil cools and refreshes
    ***Great for pulse points and feet and ankles, when you're overheated from the day, cools you off
    *** 2 oz. container

Beach B Gone Powder
    ***Fresh scented powder 
    ***Great for removing sand when leaving the beach
    ***Apricot kernel helps sweep away sand, baking soda deodorizes, arrowroot soothes
    ***Talc free
    ***Excellent daily powder for keeping you cool and dry any time
    ***5 oz. shaker container

Shore Thing Hair Tamer
    ***Keeps frizz to a minimum even in damp conditions
    ***Delicious Coconut Cloud fragrance
    ***Gives a beach hair look any time
    ***Contains silicon and tea tree oil
    *** 4 oz. pump spray

Car Fresheners and Sachet
    ***Available in every DTS Beauty Fragrance
    ***Set of three 
    ***Can hang in car wherever convenient
    ***Can be tucked into drawers and closets for instant freshness and fragrance
    ***Attractive, so can be put on a small dish and left out in bathrooms for fragrance

All our products are non-edible and must be kept out of reach of children.  People allergic to ingredients within products should not use them.  We use Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil along with fragrance and essential oils.  If you have questions, ask us and we'll be happy to assist you.  All scrubs are for body and not for face, and all products, unless specifically indicated "for face", should not be used on face, and should be kept away from eyes.