Host A Beach Beauty Bash!

Love our products?  Love to spend time with your friends?  Love to bring the DTS experience right to your door?

Love free stuff?

Then you would LOVE to host a Beach Beauty Bash!  Beach Beauty Bashes are DTS Beauty's home party plan.

Hostesses receive:

    ***Hostess exclusive gift

    ***20 percent of sales at your party in free merchandise

    ***One half price item for each party that books at your party

    ***$10 to spend at each party that booked at your party

Guests receive:

    ***Bash Bucks for each friend they bring to your party, to be used towards merchandise at party

    ***Prizes for games played

    ***The opportunity to sample the DTS Beauty line

    ***An evening out with friends, playing games, having fun, and shopping in a relaxed setting

Our Beach Beauty Bashes incorporate the fun of the shore with our at home store.  There's games, prizes, lots of sampling opportunities, boardwalk treats, all at home.   Email or fill out the "Contact Us" form and let us know that you want in on the fun!


What could be better than to offer a unique fundraiser with products everyone wants?  Here are ways to incorporate DTS Beauty into a fundraiser for your group:

1.  Have a Beach Beauty Bash!  We'll bring all materials for our regular party, to your house or school or gym or wherever you can get your group together, and as "hostess" all your proceeds will go to your event.  For Fundraisers, 25 percent of all sales go to the group in cash instead of merchandise.

2.  Have us create a unique expandable bangle that will be perfect for your group to show your support!  Your group will keep $5.00 of every expandable bangle sold.  We will use your colors, your themes, and work with you to create something unique and special.

3.  Offer an Online Beauty Bash.  We'll give you a code for checkout, and assist you with advertising your event so everyone can participate without having to leave home.  Orders are sent directly to the address people order from, so you don't have to do any distribution.  We will give you a time parameter to run your event, and at the end of the event, you'll receive 25 percent of all sales as a cash donation for your group.  

Call us at 908-421-0434 for personal assistance with your fundraiser, or fill out the "Contact Us" form and let us know when to get in touch with you.  

DTS Beauty Gives Back

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

We support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation with our product "Joy Joy's Kiss".  This lip balm contains good for you coconut oil, and is flavored Chocolate Coconut.  Joy Ventola was a young lady who lost her life to Cystic Fibrosis and those were her favorite flavors.  In her honor we donate $1.00 of every lip balm purchased to Cystic Fibrosis, so they can work on a cure.  You can order this item in the Shop Now drop down menu.  

Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg

We support the Farm Animal Rescue of Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania.  This is a permanent home for animals in central Pennsylvania, and is a registered non-profit.  Small horses, goats, llamas, and other animals are housed permanently at the farm, and they need our help.  You can order our FARM bracelet from the Shop Now drop down menu, and $5.00 of each bracelet will go towards the farm.

We thank you for your support!!!